Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

The Umunna Legal Group is comprised of seasoned political operatives experienced in every aspect of political campaigns. We assemble the brightest people with the best minds in the political field on a team to work for you and manage the process from beginning to end.

ULG has created strategic alliances with outstanding consultants in direct mail, telemarketing, print advertising, e-mail advertising, list development, targeting, polling, radio and television advertising to provide the best comprehensive service possible to candidates.

When a client entrusts their election to The Umunna Legal Group, they get an entire team working in their best interest. We utilize every available technique and technology to produce a victory for our clients. Our strategies are sound; our work is on time, on message and on budget.

If you’re looking for the most experienced group of political campaign advisors to assist you with your day to day functions, then you’ve found what you’re looking for. Our campaign group specializes in electing future leaders, so you can rest assured knowing that we will provide you with the best advice.

Every successful campaign starts with a winning plan and correct implementation of that plan.  ULG is able to develop a campaign plan, create a precise program and provide to your campaign the guidance and secure the tools you need in order to achieve victory.  Our team of experienced consultants know the right steps to take in order to run a successful campaign.

Our General Consulting Services for Campaigns Include:

  • Campaign Planning and Organization
  • Message Creation and Development
  • Grassroots and Coalition Development
  • Finance Organization
  • Fundraising Planning and Organization
  • Campaign Staffing Structures, Organization and Supervision
  • Earned Media Plans