The area of Entertainment Law encompasses a variety of legal areas. If you are a local artist who is searching to have a contracted drafted to protect your rights or are a producer that is in need of assistance negotiating royalty terms, contact the law firm of Umunna Legal Group today. The firm’s attorneys have experience in a variety of areas of Entertainment Law.

The attorneys at Umunna Legal Group can assist you with the drafting of Music, Film, and Visual/Literary Art Contracts, that includes the following:

• Non-Disclosure Agreements
• Waivers and Releases
• Production/Co-Production Agreements
• Publishing and Co-publishing Agreements
• Recording Contracts/ Record Deals
• Management and Music Agent Agreements
• Band Member Agreements
• Songwriter Contract
• Music Licensing Agreements (Royalty, Mechanical and Synchronization Agreements)
• Digital Distribution Agreements
• Deal Memos
• Promissory Notes
• Joint Venture/Partnership Agreements
• Venue Agreement
• Merchandise/Touring/Live Performance Agreements
• Employment/Consulting/Work for Hire Agreements

Contract Analysis and Negotiation:

To ensure that your rights are fully protected before you sign a binding contract that may restrict your rights, contact Umunna Legal Group. Our firm will provide you with legal advice and support, and will assist with contract negotiations on your behalf to ensure that contract terms are the most favorable and beneficial to you. If you have already signed a contract, our attorneys can provide legal advice as to your existing obligations under the contract, as well as any options that you may have.

Customizable Contracts:

Combining our experience and knowledge, the attorneys at Umunna Legal Group will customize contracts that will be the most favorable for you and that will work for you. If you are seeking assistance with any of the following, contact us today at 904-620-1001.