Government Consulting

Local Government, Legal Know-How

Umunna Legal Group local government consulting team works closely with community leaders, policy makers and elected officials to be your bridge between business and government. Businesses of all types work with local governments on myriad issues ranging from procurement of goods and services by public agencies to local laws regulating business operations and changes in local zoning. Our team of lawyers and lobbyists understands local laws and the unique characteristics of various governmental bodies. We take pride in actively engaging in a local issue to help our clients understand the important issues facing each community.

Procurement of Goods, Services, Concessions from Governments

Jacksonville Gov ConsultingGovernmental entities, at all levels, purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods and services from outside vendors. Everything from printing services, bus benches, garbage hauling, water-sewer expansions, concessions, to construction projects and much more are procured by government agencies. Becoming a government vendor can be very profitable for private companies who understand the complexities and nuances of governmental contracting. Our attorneys have a successful record throughout Florida in helping clients win multi-million dollar concessions and contracts for food, retail, duty free, billboards, bus benches, for hire transportation, shuttle services, luggage wrapping, luggage carts, currency exchange, phone cards, hotels, audit and accounting, parking, waste and recycling, janitorial, insurance, software and software implementation, auto tag agencies, construction and engineering services, etc.

Thus, our experience in government procurement and insider’s knowledge of the governmental process is vital for our clients who do business with governments and rely on our knowledge, contacts, responsiveness and determination to get the job done. Our attorneys have extraordinary insights into the Request for Letter of Interest (RLI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes used by most state, local and quasi governmental entities in Florida. Our attorneys have provided strategic and political advice, on call lobbying, and helped draft responses for winning concessions, and contracts bids.

Services Offered on Procurement

  • Representation in government procurement process, including assistance in review and submital of bids and responses to requests for proposals, requests for qualifications, requests for letters of interests, and other public solicitations;
  • Monitoring/notification/assistance with review of public advertisements and availability of public project;
  • Placement on public vendor list with purchasing divisions for government agencies;
  • Review of terms and conditions of advertisements for government contracts;
  • Review of submittable requirements set forth in procurement documents;
  • Assistance in preparation and review of bids, proposals, qualifications, and letter of interest in government contracts;
  • Government relations activities to lobby and interact with government officials to further clients’ goals;
  • Advisement as to applicable statutory and administrative rights and remedies – re: qualification, ranking, award, and protest in government contracts;
  • Intervention in challenging government agency actions, preparation of protest petitions, and representation of clients in all phases of contract awards, including qualifications, rankings, and contract negotiations;
  • Intervention in defense of awards challenged by competitive bidders or third parties;
  • Negotiation with government agencies re: resolution of government contract disputes;
  • Representation in negotiating final contracts pursuant to government contract awards, including issues such as terms of payment, contractual liability, or insurance coverage and other mandatory contractual provisions;
  • Assistance with development and maintenance of governmental contract relations.