Small Business Law

Let us be the bridge to a successful Small Business Law

Are you an entrepreneur who wants the freedom and flexibility to do business your way? Would you like to protect yourself from liability? Do you want to protect your personal and business interests?

Our dedicated Umunna Legal Group will help you get your business started, so you can realize your dream of owning and building a business your way. We will file the necessary paperwork with the State of Florida, draft the governing documents for your business, and provide you with information to aid in your understanding of what we can do to protect your business. After we set up your business, our Umunna Legal Group offer will provide assistance regarding the set up and governing framework of your business.

After setting up your business Umunna Legal Group has developed partnerships to help you in all phases of your business. ULG has created unique pricing system to help to meet the needs of small business.

Umunna Legal Group are knowledgeable in the laws of the State of Florida and can assist in the protection of your business. The Umunna Legal Group also offers the following services:

  • Contract drafting and review
  • Representation in civil suits brought against your company
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Winding up your business
  • Any other legal matter in regards to your business